Hebrew Economic impact (corona) payments

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Most American citizens living and working in Israel and other countries where the income tax rates are higher than those in the US, are eligible to receive up to $1000 from the US government per child for each tax year since 2016. The child must be a US citizen or resident, under 17 at the end of the tax year, and have a social security or ITIN number. Starting 2018, the maximum refund is increased to $1400 per child for taxpayers earning less than $400,000($200,000 for those not filing jointly).

For those who filed 2018 returns without any non-American spouse, there can be Economic impact (aka corona) payments of $1200 per US citizen filer and $500 per child who is eligible for child tax credit.


If a 2018 was not yet filed with taxpayers who are American citizens, corona payments are available in tax year 2020 if a 2019 return is properly filed within the next few months. We recommend that 2019 returns be filed before end of the coming summer.


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